CBD Gummies Guide: Understanding The Benefits & Effects of CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies Guide: Understanding The Benefits & Effects of CBD Gummies

Jun 18th 2021

CBD gummies are quickly rising to popularity as the newest health-inducing, sweet treat.

They make wellness fun: they come in all the colors of the rainbow, boast delicious assorted flavors, offer that signature chewy consistency, and give the gift of a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Could CBD gummies be the perfect CBD method for you to experience greater well-being? In this guide to CBD gummies, you’ll learn what they are, what kind of health benefits they offer, and how to choose the best CBD gummies for you.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 100 cannabinoids found in both the hemp and marijuana plant. Cannabinoids within these plants interact with our body's endocannabinoid system to provide holistic balance for helping to support focus, normal inflammatory function, and overall calmness. 

Majority of the CBD-rich tinctures and products you'll find today commonly contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive cannabinoid, however, they will not result in a high as they must contain under .3% in order to be considered legal in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are a chill-inducing treat that combine CBD and gummy candy components for a tasty, alternative method of consuming hemp. CBD gummies not only offer a delicious flavor, they make administering CBD easy without the fuss of using a dropper or needing a glass of water. They also offer an approachable introduction to CBD for those who find the taste of hemp to be displeasing.

Currently, the FDA has not set forth proper regulations for the hemp and CBD industry, therefore, the strength and purity of CBD gummies on the market is inconsistent. For this reason, consumers are advised to purchase CBD gummies from a reputable brand after, and only after, viewing the product's third party laboratory results.

What are the benefits of CBD Gummies?

What do CBD gummies do? Studies show that CBD helps to support inflammatory function, focus, pain, sleep, and mood.

In the last four years, CBD has gained widespread attention at a greater scale than ever before. Its sudden surge in popularity prompted scientists and universities alike to begin conducting CBD research. Majority of the recent CBD scientific literature has been performed with animals and functions as only preliminary research, however, the results are promising.

The top 7 best benefits of CBD gummies

The benefits of CBD gummies include CBD's most well-known benefits, which include supporting: a sense of relaxation, healthy joint mobility, and a normal inflammatory response. But that's not all, there are a myriad of reasons why CBD gummies make the ideal choice for your CBD needs.

1. Easy to use

With oils and capsules , the most popular forms of CBD supplementation, you either have to keep a close eye on dosage or have a glass of water nearby to ease swallowing. However, the benefit of CBD gummies is that all you need is one gummy and you're good to go. There is no need for preparation or guessing, and most of the time, people won't even know that you're taking CBD! It's discrete, flavorful, and easy to use.

2. No “high” feeling

Standard marijuana products have been shown to produce similar benefits to hemp-based CBD, however, the downfall of marijuana is that it induces a “high” feeling. Though people love this aspect of marijuana, it can make daily cognitive functioning within work or other activities more difficult.

The benefits of CBD gummies offer the same relaxation and clarity that marijuana users report, without the high. For this reason, CBD can be used on a daily basis without the concern of it getting in the way of cognitive performance.

3. Hemp-less taste

The taste of hemp isn't for everyone; it's nutty, earthy, and can often turn people off to cannabis products in general. For this reason, many companies offer flavored CBD products in order to mask hemp's natural flavor, but often times those with sensitive taste buds still aren't satisfied.

The benefits of CBD gummies is that because it's created to emulate candy, it tastes just like a sweet treat and has hardly noticeable hints of hemp. It's the perfect alternative for those who want to experience CBD's benefits, but prefer to shy away from hemp's naturally strong flavor.

4. Pre-dosed

One of the most common questions we receive is, "How much CBD should I take?"

Gummies easily solve this problem by coming in pre-dosed bites. Companies typically offer varied strengths designed for beginners, intermediate users, and experienced CBD fans. Therefore, dosing feels less like guessing and gives users the ability to make the leap up or down a dose, depending on how they feel.

5. Smoke free

Smokable CBD products are known to be the fastest method of administration for CBD, meaning that it works the quickest. For this reason, one of the most popular ways to consume CBD is through CBD flowers, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD cigarettes.

CBD gummies benefit those with sensitivity to smoke or who find that inhaled CBD is too harsh on their lungs or throat because they're smoke free and simply require chewing.

6. Rich in antioxidants

CBD is a jam-packed antioxidant source, in fact, it’s known to contain more antioxidants than both vitamin C and E. Antioxidants help relieve the body's oxidative stress and work as a natural defense team when it comes to keeping us healthy.

7. Legal in the U.S.

CBD has had a complicated legal context due to hemp's relation to the marijuana plant. While marijuana and hemp have many similarities, the plants are quite different in their chemical make-up and offer entirely different experiences for the consumer.

Where the two plants differ the most is in their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Marijuana is typically high in THC, while hemp is low in THC. In the United States, hemp products can be legally sold if their THC content is below .3%. And even though full-spectrum CBD gummies will contain small amounts of THC, it isn't enough to result in a high feeling.

What are CBD gummies effects?

 CBD gummies effects match the physical and mental benefits that a regular CBD product would provide. However, CBD gummies effects take a longer amount of time to kick in than CBD oil or CBD inhalables. The methods in which we take CBD are called, routes of administration. Inhaling, ingesting, topically-applying, and sublingual administration (under the tongue) are the most popular routes of administration for CBD. Here are the breakdowns for how long each method is said to take:

  • Inhaling: 5 minutes
  • Sublingual: 15 minutes
  • Topical: 15 minutes
  • Ingesting: 45 minutes to 2 hours

When you ingest a CBD gummy, it might not work as fast as CBD oil or CBD smokables, however, studies have shown ingestable CBD may have a longer lasting effect. As a CBD gummy has to go through your digestive and circulatory system, it's processed over a longer period of time, with nutrients being absorbed at a slower pace. CBD gummies benefit those who want their CBD to last longer, rather than to work faster. Keep in mind, times listed may vary depending on height, weight, and other lifestyle factors.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

You should eat 1 CBD gummy at a time and determine how much CBD is right for you, by selecting the right CBD dosage for you.

Our CBD gummies come in a 750MG strength, but this high MG number represents the total amount of CBD in the jar. Each gummy contains 25MG of CBD. Check out the following to see the gummy dosage that suits you best:

  • 1/2 of gummy - At 12.5 mg per serving, it’s the perfect dose for CBD beginners.
  • 1 Gummy -  At 25mg per piece, it suits those looking for explicit strength in their CBD dose.
  • 2 Gummies -  At 50mg per serving of 2, it’s ideal for with the CBD experienced.

What effect does CBD gummies make you feel?

CBD gummies make you feel the positive effects many associate with CBD products, including: a sense of relaxation, comfort, and calm. Some report that this feeling can feel similar to a body high, but allows a total sense of control and function.

If you're looking to experience a specific feel with CBD gummies, custom CBD blends are just starting to hit the market. For example, CBD Nighttime Sleep Gummies combining 25MG of Broad Spectrum CBD and 2.5MG of melatonin are now available to help you experience a good night's sleep.

CBD IN THE MORNING? SURE!!! Skip a cup of coffee and avoid caffeine crashes:

Mood, focus and energy enhancing Morning & Daytime CBG Gummies deliver excellent elevating effects. CBG (Cannabigerol) is ideal for morning or daytime because of the focused and energizing effects it offers. It can help improve mood, naturally provides sustained energy, instill clarity & focus, and contribute to overall well-being. It’s been reported to improve speech and articulation, combat sadness and distress, reduce pain, suppress unhealthy appetite cravings, and even act as a nueroprotectant. CBG (Cannabigerol), known as the "mother molecule" of the Hemp plant, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This cannabinoid is extracted from young hemp plants.

Don't forget, CBD effects everyone differently and if you want to know how CBD gummies make you feel, start with a low dose of 12.5MG per half gummy and try them for yourself.

How long do CBD gummies work for?

CBD gummies work for up to 7 hours. They're considered edible CBD, which is known to have a slow onset of 30-90 minutes as the cannabinoids are digested through the gut and absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the liver.

Another factor that may affect how long CBD gummies work for is the absorption rate. Fats included in the gummy recipe may increase absorption rates of the gummy by 50% overall, however, on it’s own, the absorption is about 20%.

What are the side effects of CBD gummies?

Negative side effects with the use of CBD gummies are highly unlikely as CBD is a compound that has been shown to be commonly well-tolerated by a diverse array of users.

With that being said, here are are some signs to look for that may be considered an adverse reaction to CBD:

  • Dry mouth
  • Decreased appetite
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Diarrhea

Keep in mind, these are not considered common reactions to CBD and are most commonly seen in individuals who aren’t familiar with nutrient dense foods, herbal medicine, or new to CBD.

Considerations for CBD gummies

When searching for the right CBD gummies to fit your needs, you might be enticed by a special fruity flavor or a unique gummy shape, but there is more to take into consideration, including: extract type, strength, and quality assurance.

Extract type

The three most popular hemp extracts on the market today are isolate CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Full Spectrum CBD. These three extracts each boast high CBD content but often differ in their capabilities, nutrients, and quality.

Isolate CBD

A CBD isolate extract contains the cannabinoid, Cannabidiol (CBD) and nothing else. It's the most widely available CBD extract because manufacturers can typically purchase it at a lower price. Isolate CBD can often help products contain higher concentrations of CBD, yet this doesn't matter if proper quality assurance ( lab testing and certifications) measures haven't proven it's quality CBD. Majority of CBD gummies that you'll find online will be made with CBD isolate powder. This is likely the most commonly used CBD extract for CBD gummies because customers are often so excited by CBD gummies that they overlook the type of CBD being used.

Broad spectrum CBD

Think of broad spectrum CBD as the new kid on the block; it's the newest extract to hit the market. Broad spectrum CBD goes through a special extraction process in order to eliminate Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), leaving the bulk of CBD's wealth of all other original 100+ cannabinoids untouched.

Full spectrum CBD

This extract features the over 100+ beneficial cannabinoids of hemp, including a small amount of no more then .03% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) working together to maximize therapeutic effects.

Quality assurance

Houston, we have a problem. The word on the street is that finding CBD you can trust is becoming more and more difficult as it gains popularity. In order to separate the good from the bad, you'll need to make sure the CBD gummies you buy are certified & tested. For example, if you find CBD gummies on Amazon or your local quick-stop general grocery store, it's likely they weren't produced within quality standards. The two most important measures you'll want to check for is that your CBD gummies are produced in a licensed and certified facility and that they are third-party laboratory tested.

Purchasing gummies produced in a certified and licensed facility helps you know that your gummies are safe, while third-party laboratory testing helps you make sure your CBD gummies actually contain CBD.

Hempresto CBD gummy fruit pieces

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